Pomegranate Zucchini Noodle Salad {Gluten Free, Clean Eats}

noodle salad

I absolutely love my Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer. It really is a dream come true! You can make all sorts of healthy clean eating dishes with this little heaven kitchen utensil. They are $14.99 at Target – totally worth that chuck of change.

This dish is yummy. It is clean, detoxing and gluten free. Score. And, it is so, so simple. You will have this ready in about 5 minutes. Seriously. I made my own lean, clean dressing to go with it – please feel free to put your own stamp of dressing on your noodle salad.

But, this dressing recipe is killer. So – you might want to try it. Take your healthy salad to work. Have it as a quick snack – or side salad at dinner. Or make an extra large helping of it and eat it for your dinner.

You will need (salad): 3 medium zucchinis, 1 pomegranate, 2 handfuls of cilantro, 4 green onions, 1 lemon (for the juice).

You will need (dressing): 1 cup olive oil, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. dried basil, 1 tbsp. onion powder, 1 tbsp. mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Wisk together.

First spiral your zucchini noodles. After all 3 are in noodle like form, just dump them in a big bowl.

Chop up your cilantro and green onions. You want these to be in little, tiny pieces. Add them to your green noodles.

Open your pomegranate. If you have not worked with this fruit before, I would recommend watching a video on how to properly get your little ruby, yummy nuggets out of the fruit. Once you do this, dump these into your salad.

Squeeze the juice from one lemon in – and add in your dressing (as much as you like – just don’t overdo it.) Yum – enjoy your healthy, fresh salad.


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