Hope, Refreshment, New Life – Around Every Corner

Pastel blue robin’s eggs – a creamy blue to the naked eye. These petite life vessels are quite fragile. They are tiny homes to little mouths that will need to be fed by the nourishment from the earth. The wingspan of the mama will protect, shelter and guard the bodies of her sweet baby birds.

The spring air brings with it such hope and refreshment. New life is around every corner. Flowers, aromatic and vibrant, burst forth from the moist ground – reaching upward toward the rays of the warm sun.

Daylight brings with it sweet anticipation. May we open our arms to the sky and expect the rain to descend upon the thirsty ground. The Maker of Heaven and Earth will water his creation with provision and blessings – it is coming!

We are, like those delicate eggs, dependent – for sustenance. Gaining strength day by day, this grit comes not by our power or might – but is made perfectly complete in Him. It is by his spirit says the LORD!

LORD, may we be filled with the fragrant wind of new life! Embody our actions and mind.

He builds his lofty palace in the heavens and sets its foundation on the earth; he calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land—the Lord is his name. – Amos 9:6

Makeover our temples – and illuminate us. It is my desire to be a walking lamp-stand. I want to shine like a string light proudly fashioned in a pitch black backyard. A little strand of jovial intimacy but also sheer brilliance.

As the earth brings forth newness of life – may this season usher forth in our lives a fresh sense of urgency to shout your name from the rooftops! Miracles happen to those who put their trust in the Mover of the mountains.

Transplant the highlands, Sweet Jesus. This child opens her will and sacrifices her way – for yours! Like ivy on a colossal oak, may my soul cling to your precious promises! Mighty are you GOD of ALL.


Fresh Flowers Have Health Benefits


What a cute idea – use a pitcher as a vase!

There is something about flowers that brightens my world. Looking at them really gives me a serene charge. It’s like my heart smiles at every glance of a pastel petal in a crystal vase.

To me, it’s worth it to chunk out $4.99 or more {don’t go crazy!} every few weeks for this bit of peacefulness. You’re worth it.

But, what is it about flowers that make people happy? This might surprise you, but there was actually a study done on the emotional impact of flowers.

The study finds that – happiness, friendless and memory are gained.

Maybe the people who coined the phrase ‘Flower Power’ were on to something?

Women who are given flowers are reported to carry happiness around with them for up to 3 days after receiving flowers. If flowers are displayed or set out in a room, it incites friendliness. Flowers given to elderly people actually improve memory retention.

You can read the FULL study here.

Also – as a little bonus for you work desk dwellers – flowers and plants promote innovation and productivity in the workplace.

And guess what – men garnered 15% more ideas than women having some type of green plant present in the office. However, women benefited more in the creative department.

Go out and buy some flowers. Let your heart smile a little more today!