Paper Crown Princess

Every little girl likes to wear a crown. She feels special, unique and loved. For a moment in time – she can pretend she is a real princess. One that frolics in a fancy gown and lives in a castle…

I can remember birthday parties, sitting around the kitchen table, and a colorful paper crown adorning every little girl’s head of soft locks. We knew the crowns were paper. They were not costly – more like dollar store material. Yet, we felt exceptional wearing this piece that resembled royalty.

God has called us to trade in our paper crowns – for dresses made of pure silk. He wants us to forget the ordinary and seek the extraordinary. He is waiting to replace that dollar store crown with a crest of solid gold. He asks simply – give up the simple and hold out your hands for the beauty of my blessings!

Will you walk with me on this journey – seeking God’s pure treasure? Will you trade in your paper party crown for a dress made of silk?


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