Lucky Dog Animal Rescue


Today I wanted to post about an awesome organization in the Washington, DC area – Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. I will admit it; dogs hold a special place in my heart. I grew up with a sweet little cocker spaniel named Taffy. She was a rescue from the Humane Society in Texas – and our family could not have asked for a better dog.

Since having Taffy for almost 12 years, there is no way I would have adopted a puppy or even one from a pet shop. There are so many good dogs out there already that need love. Adult dogs make the best pets. Believe me.


Dale was adopted at a Lucky Dog adoption event

I got my current sweet dog – Dallas (who is also a cocker spaniel) from Lucky Dog about 2 years ago. He was about 1 when I adopted him – already potty trained, the works! When I get home from work, his little tail – wags 90-to-nothing. It warms my heart and gives me a full grin.

Following Lucky Dog on Facebook has really opened my eyes to how many families and individuals are enriched by this organization. It is so nice to see the little adoption updates and pictures from adoption events in the area. I even volunteered at one about a month ago – and saw the joy in the dog owners faces up close and personal. Animals enhance lives.

Thanks to Lucky Dog, animals that would not have a happy life get second chances. Like little Evan, who I read this morning (thanks to generous donations) spearheaded by Lucky Dog – received a prosthetic paw.

If you are looking to adopt a puppy – really think of getting a rescue dog. Adopting Dallas changed my life. And, I know his little life was changed for the better too.


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