5 Ways to Unwind After Work


As much as you can eat healthy, it’s also important to remember to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing.
– Kristin Chenoweth

If you are like me, work is stressful and it often takes a toll on your physical, as well as, mental well-being. Obviously – we don’t have the luxury of working out all day and pampering ourselves in the spa like celebrities twice a week– someone has to being home the bacon!

However, we deserve a little rest and relaxation after work at least. I found that doing one of these five things below, clears my head and recharges me for the next day at the office!  The simple luxuries of life…

1. Take off that suit when you get home!

There is no reason to stay in work attire once you get home. Take off the pinstripe or the little black dress and slide into a comfy sweater and yoga pants. Kick off those 4-inch heels! Give those pretty power feet a break. I look at this as a way of ‘taking off the day.’ I even put fuzzy socks or old mule house shoes on once I get home. Lounge in comfy clothes – you deserve it.

2. Invest in a Teapot

There is something about looking over at my oven and seeing that tea pot heating up over the burner. I love experimenting with new teas. Add fresh rosemary or mint to chamomile tea. The choices are limitless. To sweeten it up – mix in a little agave, honey or sweet leaf. The warmth of that mug of tea will soothe that overworked mind. Sit on the couch, sip and enjoy slowly.

3. Don’t be afraid to belt out a tune or get in to Mozart!

Yep – I sing when I get home. Hook up your iphone and blast out a melody. I find that playing classical music after work while I am preparing dinner, really calms me down and helps me keep my mind off of office matters. Let that beautiful melody fill your mind and escape – get lost in the piano keys.

4. Turn off or silence your phone.

Don’t have your ringer on – just don’t. Or even a text sound for that matter. Take time for yourself. You deal with this all day at work. You are off of work – so you can wait to respond to others or just take your time getting back to them. Constant virtual communication can be draining. Don’t let it drain you after work!

5. Hug your pet – or if you don’t have a pet, your loved ones!

Physical touch is so underrated. Take time to embrace someone you care about – hold their hand or cuddle with a pet. One of my favorite things to come home to is my sweet little dog. It feels good to give love and have love given back. Enjoy spending time with those you love – or snuggling with a cute little animal. We all need love.



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