Honey Cinnamon French Toast {Gluten Free}

ImageOne of the many things that I loved when I was a kid was the gooey sugary taste of French Toast.

My mom would buy the little sticks and pour hot syrup over them in the morning. There honestly was nothing better than that.

In fact, my mouth still waters thinking of sinking my teeth into this savory breakfast.

However, now that I am gluten free, French Toast is harder to come by. You can smell it in a little café – yet cannot indulge and this is quite sad. But not to worry – it is so simple to make gluten free French Toast.

Just make your kitchen into your little bistro. So, if you are missing that delicious taste of the golden toast pieces, follow this recipe.

You will need: 1 cage free egg, 2 pieces of gluten free toast {I use Udi’s bread}, 2 tbsp. of cinnamon, honey, sugar free syrup.

Crack your egg open and dump the inside into a bowl. Whisk up the egg and dip one piece on toast in the bowl. Make sure both sides are covered with the egg mixture.

Sprinkle cinnamon all over the piece of toast and drizzle just a little bit of honey over both sides. This adds a little bit more sweetness. Yum.

Place a pan on the oven – and make sure it’s warm before you set your egg covered piece of toast on it. Cook both sides of the piece of toast. Make sure it’s pretty toasty before you take it off. You want the egg to be soaked into the bread and the toast to look slightly brown.

Do this same process for your other pieces of bread. Place the toast on a plate and drizzle sugar-free syrup on top and enjoy!

You can too have French Toast with a gluten free twist!


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