Pepperoni Pizza Salad {Gluten Free}

saladThis little salad will make your mouth water. If you are trying to stay off breads and pastas – or live the gluten free lifestyle this is the perfect salad for you.

It is like an Italian pizza explosion in your mouth. And, it’s so simple to make.

You will get that pepperoni, cheese and spicy combo with this little green delight– and can also indulge on those black yummy olives. {I could literally eat a whole can as a snack!}

You will need: 1 head of romaine lettuce, 10 pepperoncini peppers, handful of black canned olives, 7 sliced radishes, 5 mini marinated mozzarella balls, low-fat turkey pepperoni slices – and your favorite salad dressing.

First chop up your lettuce. I like finely chopped salad. So spend some time making sure my pieces are little. Fill your big bowl up with this hearty goodness.

Throw the pepperoncinis on top of the lettuce. It’s ok if some of the juice drips into the salad – this creates such great flavor. Lay the rest of the ingredients on top of the lettuce.You don’t have to use radishes. I just found that they provided a real good crunch to this meal.

I used a low-fat ranch dressing for the salad and mixed it in. However, light olive oil and vinegar would probably taste nice. You will want something that pairs well with the Italian flavorings.

Hopefully, this is a fun new salad idea for you, if you are trying to spice up those mundane healthy meals. You get the taste of pizza without all the calories and gluten. Yum.


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