Jesus is More Than Just Vitamin D

HEARTNew day. The sun is rising a tad later this spring; however, that means it sets later as well. There is nothing like driving home from work with the sunlight actually beating down on your car. I missed this sensation during winter.

Our bodies need the vitamin D that the sun gives off. Believe me, my body has been missing this sweet vitamin. You can take all the supplements you want; but, there is nothing like the real thing.

Yesterday, singing to the radio was glorious. I had so much energy and joy inside my soul. I did not just have a supplement – my body was feeling the effects of the real sunshine.

A supplement is defined as something ‘extra or added on to.’ Thinking on this, I wonder to myself: how often do I treat my Lord as a supplement God?

I call to him when my life feels void and in jeopardy. I bow my head when I don’t feel his presence.

But, God is not a vitamin. He cannot be taken in place of the real thing. He is the real thing. He is not something extra to my life. He is my life.

As Romans 7 points out, ‘there is nothing good in me but Jesus.’ He is the sunlight and everyday – he shines his face on us. He is not like winter. He does pick and choose the times to shine forth his brilliance. He always radiates great heat.

It’s just our choice to look up and recognize those beautiful beams shining on our face. They shine every day. There is no need for a supplement. God is not an addition, he is our being. He wants to not only complete you; but he wants to be in the blood running through your veins and the air that fills your lungs.

 Be still my beating, love is whispering your name. There were years suffering in the dark, fighting back the tears and pain. But love has kept me safe and sound. Those days that seemed like endless nights cannot be found, they’re behind me now.

– Point of Grace


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