Restaurant Review: Chickpea (NYC)

Traveling and healthy food never really go together. However, while waiting to catch the train in Penn Station Friday night, I was tasked to find some sort of healthy food.

This is really a feat – especially in a train station. I passed Dunkin’ Donuts, Fridays – and many more tempting options. However, my eye was caught by a restaurant named, “Chickpea.”

I automatically thought of hummus and was snagged. Upon looking over the menu, I realized they provided a lot of gluten free options! Hallelujah! Seriously – look at the menu here.

Ended up ordering a hummus plate with chicken – it was delicious. They give you a choice of having pita with it (passed on this because I am GF). But, it is just as tasty when you eat it with just a work. You cannot go wrong with a mixture of hummus, chicken and mixed vegetables. Also, this Texas girl added extra jalapenos for that little spice kick.

If you ever find yourself in New York (even Penn Station) and you love Mediterranean food, eat here. You will not be disappointed. And big bonus – you don’t break your healthy diet or infuse your body with traces of gluten! Check out the locations in NYC.

Now, how can I start an effort to bring this to the Washington, DC area?


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