Cucumber Crab Vacation Salad

ImageWhen you take a break from work – and go on a nice vacation, it’s sometimes easy to just spoil your healthy eating plan because you think ‘hey, I am on vacation! I deserve this!’

Doritos look enticing at the grocery store – and that bag of cookies truly is tempting. But, believe me – your body will not thank you after your little trip from reality.

It’s easy to eat healthy on vacation. You can make it fun and indulge some days – but follow a great healthy eating plan on others (and still feel like you are having a little treat). I made this healthy cucumber crab salad for lunch one day – it was wonderful.

I, not only, felt like I was eating something decadent – but good for me too!

This is what I put in my salad: ½ of a fresh cucumber, ½ avocado, handful of sharp cheddar cheese, 10 walnuts, ice burg lettuce, a handful of fresh crab meat (do not use imitation – that is not gluten free) and a dash of Newman’s own Italian salad dressing.

This is a good salad recipe to try on a beach vacation. You will treat yourself with some crab pieces – but still enjoy something good and refreshing for your body. And score – it’s gluten free!


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