He says to me, “This is the way –walk in it.”

wing girlLord – you make the stars. And, I stand in awe every night looking up to the sky. Hands raised, I release my life to you. I’ve said it from the beginning – Father of Love, you can have me. I need direction and clarity Lord.

I see your shining light in the distance and everything within me wants to race to that light. It’s my utmost desire that your beams of warmth and radiance touch my skin. I want to glow with your Light of Love. Not my will – but yours Lord. Not my way – but yours.

I am a clay vessel, prone to mistakes and cracks. But, God – I crave to be a cistern of your holy water. Your goodness –fills up my life like the abundant bread you fed the five thousand. You keep giving and giving your goodness. And, Lord, I will continue to receive all you have to give me. I am overjoyed to breathe in your blessings.

I long to repay you in some way – for this overabundance! But, you hold my head in your hands and say, Daughter, I’ve already paid for you in full. Just walk in my truth. Love others. Love me.

Who is this Giver of such good things?

Does he not see my faults and flaws? Does he not see me stumble, fall and struggle?

Yet He says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9) He makes his daughter – strong and able. He lights a fire in my soul. And, I will stand for truth, even if it’s fading in this world like embers after a Christmas fire.

His wind of provision coats my tongue. And, I will speak though my voice shakes. For truth cannot sit idly by –it is meant to be exemplified! The banner of the Lord will go before me (Deut 31:8). He’s promised this. I want to dance in the parade of His endless direction.

He says to me, “This is the way –walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:12) May I be able to recognize his beautiful voice and follow my Life Leader into the garden of His endless grace!

my heart to yours


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