New Year’s Eve Resolutions & Celebrating The Life in You

ImageIt’s New Year’s Eve and like typical this calls for a grandiose list of goals for the upcoming year.

I don’t want to say that I am going to complete all these things – fingers crossed – I will.

But, it is important to set spiritual, physical, personal and mental goals.

Like mentioned yesterday in the kindness post, we really cannot take care of others properly when we forsake ourselves. So, now is your time to think about you and the things you need out of this coming year.

Like water refreshes a parched animal, so accomplishing goals refreshes a life.

Don’t overload yourself with a never-ending list. Some people write down 50 things they want accomplished.

This is really unreasonable. Make sure that you have just a few goals that you can really try to meet. So, here goes – here is my list for 2014.

Physical Goals:

Get a yoga membership (go 3x a week – this will be difficult with work, but it can be done. Weekends may need to fill two days of this goal and a weekday night class here and there)

Lift weights 2x a week (one day focus on arms, the other legs)

Start walking more (30 minutes 2x a week)

Spiritual Goals:

Sermon listening in the morning before work (Leading the Way is a favorite – this has a free podcast). I try to listen while I am putting my makeup on. Check out the link —> here. 

Personal Goals:

For a time I have been saying that I am going to write a book – well, I need to do it and brain storm. Even if it is never published (but prayers, petitions and hope that it will be), this is a goal I have set for myself a while back. So, 2014 – be ready to be graced by a heartfelt masterpiece (through a lot of heartfelt prayers and direction from God).

Mental Goals:

Read one book a month. Yes, this may seem like an impossible goal – especially because I read every day online for a living (news) but, this is such a good way to broaden your vocabulary and knowledge. Sometimes news can be a downer (believe me). Why not mix it up with a classic novel or words that take you through the steps of history!?

*I will post my reading list for the year tomorrow – you may want to check out these books for yourself and add them to a reading list for 2014* Image

At any rate – tomorrow is a new year and it means a blank slate (well, not totally – but you know what I mean.) You can start your book tomorrow on a clean page. Set goals and really try to accomplish them.

You might surprise yourself. With enough passion and drive, you can change the world and yourself.

Happy New Year!

Celebrate you, God’s grace and the gift of every breath by the Maker of All Good Things!


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