Toasted Balsamic Caprese Bread {Gluten Free}

ImageHello taste explosion in your mouth! This bread is phenomenal. Sadly, I do not dine on a lot of Italian food – because of my gluten free lifestyle.

Corn pastas are great – and if you are craving some carbs – go for it; but, it’s nothing close to the real taste of thick, creamy pasta. Yum {melt in my mouth}, alas – skipping this is my lot in life.

However, Caprese Salad (naturally gluten free) is one of my favorite dishes. It satisfies that Italian craving and won’t mess up your stomach (for those with gluten sensitivity).

This Balsamic Caprese Bread combines the taste of bruschetta and that to-die-for mozzarella salad. This is perfect for appetizers or just a simple dinner.

You will need: 2 gluten free Udi’s hamburger buns (you are going to split these ½ in two), one ball of skim mozzarella, 4 grape tomatoes, 1 tsp. of low-fat butter *you can also use olive oil* (for each bun), balsamic vinegar and basil leaves.

First, separate each hamburger bun into two parts. You will use each side for your toast. Spread a little butter over the surface of all four pieces. No need to go crazy with butter portions. Sparingly is always better.


Before I popped them in the oven!

Wash your basil leaves. I used about two leaves per piece of bread and just laid them on top of the bread.

Cut one grape tomato into three parts and lay these pieces across your bread pieces. You will use one grape tomato per piece of bread.

Cut the mozzarella ball into strips. I probably used just ¼ of the total ball of cheese. Layer your pieces of cheese on top of your other delicious toppings.

They are ready for the oven.

I used the broiler for my toast – so it took about 5 minutes on high to heat these babies up.

You will want to stand by the oven the whole time just to make sure they don’t burn. The broiler heats food up pretty fast – especially on high.

If you don’t want to use the broiler, set the oven to 350 and bake for about 10 minutes or until the bread and cheese is lightly brown.

Lastly, sprinkle balsamic vinegar over each piece. This completes the dish. I used fat-free dressing. And, don’t worry if a little bit drizzles on the plate. You will devour this up – and want to dip the bread into the excess vinegar. Enjoy!


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