Reasons It Rocks To Be A Girl

girl powerI enjoy being a girl. That was a favorite song in my youth. Listen to it here – it’s from the 1961 musical ‘The Flower Drum Song.’ But seriously y’all, I enjoy being a girl.

There are many reasons that being of the female gender is awesome. {Minus child birth and all that comes with that!} That’s kind of a bummer; yet, special at the same time.

Motherhood seems like a wonderful thing, and I hope to experience it one day.

However, here are my top reasons that I simply ‘enjoy being a girl’ in this season in my life. I am sure I will add more as the world keeps turning.  Hope you women out there can relate.

Long hair is awesome. You can braid your lovely locks or cut them off for Locks of Love. You can dye your hair different colors or curl it. Your choices are basically endless. Use an old sock to create a sky high bun – why not!? Deep condition and brush with a comb or round brush. Use a headband to pull back those bangs or just get those tresses out of your face. Long hair is awesome. Plain and simple.

Dresses are so much cooler than suits. Sorry men – ladies get to enjoy the summer so much more than you. We get to experience ventilation when wearing a cute, little frock. You look feminine and can stay comfortable. You can make your waist look skinny with a cute belt or, if you are feeling bloated – wear a loose fitting shift dress. Gotta love dresses!

Make-up is a lifesaver. I know you all are natural beauties – but you have to admit, when you have that little pimple on your chin, isn’t it nice to cover it up with a little mineral veil or concealer? Men can’t do this, unless they want to risk someone pointing out their makeup fondness. You can also play up your eyes {which are the ‘windows to your soul.’} Make blue eyes look like the Pacific Ocean or your Hazel eyes like a moist meadow. You’re worth it – sweet beauties.

Crazy gets a pass. So women are crazy sometimes. Embrace it. You get a pass even acknowledging this fact. We are emotional beings {so what?}. If you feel your emotions about to get the better of you – call out your craziness. Tell your beau or your family, ‘I am an emotional, crazy mess right now.’ It’s beautiful to get a pass on this feeling. Our emotions make us who we are. God made us to be this way – with many, many hormones. Let it out, girl. Embrace it – don’t try to mask it or deny it.

Excuse to love lace. Being ladylike is in your blood. So, you can love lace. You can channel your inner Victorian princess and wear it from head to toe. No one will call you out for loving some fancy lace. Throw a tea party with pretty doilies. It’s your God given right as a woman. Wear a sweatshirt with lace on the elbows. It can’t look funny – because you’re a girl. No one will say a word. Love some lace.

Go gaga over puppies. Kiss puppies. Baby talk to them. Dress them in sweet little sweaters and buy rain boots for them. Somehow you will not be dubbed the ‘Crazy Dog Woman.’ You can’t do this with cats. You will be dubbed ‘Crazy Cat Lady.’ Fawn over puppies. They have so much love to give. Take them on walks and cuddle with them. If you don’t have a dog, visit a pound and pet them there. Puppies are a girl’s best friend!

Wear gaudy jewelry. Layer thick jewelry over sweaters. Wear a huge necklace with a white t-shirt. You are a girl; and, therefore can get away with this interesting trend. Those collar necklaces – buy one and proudly wear it. Feel the womanhood and femininity. Adorn yourself with funky cocktail rings. As How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days would say, ‘Frost yourself.’


2 thoughts on “Reasons It Rocks To Be A Girl

  1. pearlinprogress says:

    Wow – I really needed to hear this today. Literally, I told God this morning that I still feel like I’m struggling with some shame as being a girl – especially those emotional upsets. Thanks for the encouragement!

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