New Testament Bible Reading Plan: Giving & Gaining for Lent

lentLent. I hate to admit this; but, I’ve never really stuck to my lent promises. I have lofty goals and ambitions. Like last year, I wanted to give up Facebook {epic fail} and the year before, I think it was coffee. Yeah right, I gave in.

The practice of giving something up for God was not commonly talked about in my southern Baptist church in Texas – especially during this season.

We talked about fasting and other things like that. But taking these 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday never resonated with me until now. The meaning really did not set in my spirit until this moment.

This year – I feel like it’s time to stick to my promises to understand the true meaning of lent.  It’s time to meditate on what Christ suffered and endured for me. It’s time to think about his sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. I can lay aside one of my world indulgences for the one who bled for me.

That should not be hard. Yet, it is- because we are human.

So, my mind is made. I am giving up something for my King and reading through the New Testament these next 40 days. My church passed out a reading plan last week that will be extremely helpful in accomplishing this goal.

It takes 30 minutes a day. I should spend that time already in prayer. But, God’s still working on me. Childhood anyone?

{You can check out the awesome reading plan here.}

And a big shout out to NCC for putting this together. The goal is this – to give something up and replace it with the Word of God He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. –John 3:30

So, what are you giving up in order to come closer to the throne room of grace this year?


One thought on “New Testament Bible Reading Plan: Giving & Gaining for Lent

  1. Susan says:

    Good for you for trying. It’s hard! I try every day to be Christ-like….. and the next day comes and I say, “Thank You! I will try this again and maybe today get it right!!!!” I feel like Lent is the time you get to walk alone with Jesus for forty days and forty nights.

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