Bacon Asparagus Pasta {Gluten Free}

bacon pastaLet’s talk about bacon – it’s simply delicious. Recently, there has been this bacon craze. Even to the point of some state fair’s offering, ‘Chocolate Covered Bacon.’ I am dead serious, you can see this interesting combo here.

I like bacon. But, people, it has a lot of fat in it. So, for this recipe we are going to use turkey bacon. It gives you that yummy taste with way less fat.

This gluten free pasta combo is awesome. It is so flavorful. This will become a favorite dish for dinner guests and family parties.

Everyone will love this. I mean, who does not love bacon? And you get your little pops of greens in the asparagus. Let’s get cooking.

You will need: 1 bundle of asparagus, salt, pepper, 1 package turkey bacon, gluten free pasta, 1 tbsp. pesto sauce, garlic powder, onion powder and a splash of lemon.

First, I sautéed the asparagus. Simply cut the ends off of the little green trees [because that part is tough and won’t taste good!] I sprinkled a little salt, pepper, lemon juice, onion and garlic powder over the asparagus. Really seasons the veggie well! When done, set aside in a big bowl.

Next, let’s cook the bacon. I used the same frying pan that I cooked the asparagus in. So, I could have the taste of the spices – in the meat. Chop up the bacon in little pieces and let it brown on the stove. This should not take long. Turkey bacon is a lot thinner than real bacon. Add to the asparagus bowl.

You will want to have a pot of water boiling for the noodles. Decide how much you want to place in there and cook your noodles. Gluten free noodles work the same way as regular noodles.

Once the noodles are done, strain and dump into the bowl with the bacon and asparagus. I added 1 tbsp. of premade pesto sauce into my pasta for that creamy texture. And folded all the ingredients together.

Serve and enjoy this tasty, really flavorful creation!


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