I Love You, Just For Being You

Did you know that Jesus says to us every single day, ‘I love you – just for being you?’ I don’t think that I dwell on this concept enough. I am too busy focusing on my flaws to fixate on my Creator who absolutely loves the person he has formed.

I look in the mirror and see those smile lines in the corners of my eyes and gasp with horror. Or hone in on those little white hairs mixed in with my red locks. But, you know what, I may see flaws, but my Maker sees perfection.

He smiles with a big toothy grin at his magnificent creation. Just like when we were children in art class – we were proud of our clay creations or watercolor paintings hanging on the wall. God is so proud of you! He looks at his masterpiece and says, ‘it is good!’

We are his art projects, his canvases if you will. I don’t know about you, but I sure am happy to be carved into something wonderful from the master craftsman! He does not mess up. He draws with a sharpie and does not need to worry about erasing a mistake – because he does not make them!

He may have to use an eraser on our blunders from time to time, when we decide to color outside the lines of his perfection! But, Dear One – he looks at you and says, ‘beautiful!’ What a joy to know that this artist is prolific and profound. This artist sees beauty in the work of his heavenly hands.

Look at yourself in the mirror today and observe God’s handiwork. Thank him for the uniqueness of you. No one has your face, your hands, and your eyes. Isn’t that grand!?

I love this statement, ‘You were born an original. Don’t die a carbon copy.’ Be you. Jesus loves and adores YOU.


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