Decorating a Small Outdoor Space

ImageCue the violins, I don’t have a yard just yet. Home ownership will definitely be in my future someday [Dallas needs room to run]; however, for the time being, I am trying to make the most of my little, cozy outdoor patio.

This weekend, I decided to do a little redecorating and planting. Here’s hoping that I might actually have a green thumb! So, looked through Pinterest for some cute designs for balconies and made a trip out into the wild blue yonder.

Home Goods is my go-to for awesome decorating ideas and affordable things. Why spend $300 on something when you can spend 1/3 of the price at discount store? That just seems like a no-brainer to me. I found a white lantern with a flameless candle, a cute blue pot, yellow chair cushions and a woven table mat all at Home Goods. Score and purchased.

My little bistro table and chairs was from Wayfair. You can order it here. It was only $89.00 + free shipping. I thought it was a very good deal, considering you can fold it up and store it very easily. It is super light and easy to clean too.

Trip two was to Lowe’s. There is something about fresh flowers – in bright colors – that really just gets me in the mood for spring. I got some wonderful purple and pink impatiens. Y’all they were $1.49 a flower – a pretty good price for such a hearty plant. Read about caring for them here.  I also just had to get some marigolds [they are sentimental to me, remind me of my grandmother!].FLOWERS

And y’all the design in reality was better than the design in my head! Ha, it never turns out that way. I don’t typically post design blog entries. But, the result was exciting, and I just had to share.

If you are looking to redecorate your outdoor space or maybe just spice it up, visit Home Goods, Tuesday Morning or Lowe’s. Price is key and designing on a budget is truly possible. Just look at my little cute patio area! I cannot wait to eat dinner out there.


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