Yummy Shrimp Salad {Gluten Free}


Hello taste bud explosion!

Looking for a yummy, cool shrimp salad?

This one is fantastic and it really fits the bill for a little summer salad. You can have it out on the open porch, take it to a party or a potluck or bring it to a beach and break it out watching the open waves.

It’s low calorie and gluten free. Score. And perfect for seafood lovers of any age! Eat it as is – or add some green lettuce underneath for a garden salad.

You will need: 1 bag of shrimp (1 lbs.), 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 1 tbsp. dill, ½ cup sliced tomatoes, ½ leek, lemon juice, garlic powder, 1 tbsp. butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Make sure your shrimp is thawed out and the tails are off. First, sauté your frozen shrimp (fresh is better, but alas – just had frozen in the freezer). Dab the tablespoon of light butter in the frying pan and sprinkle garlic in there too. This is to flavor your shrimp.


Serve on a bed of lettuce, piece of bread or in a bowl!

After the shrimp is sautéed, place your yummy little butterballs into a big bowl. Let cool for about 5 minutes.

Next, dump your 1/3 cup of mayo into the bowl. I always use the light Hellman’s with olive oil. Also sprinkle some dill in there too and stir.

Chop up some tomatoes (you can use whole or grape). For my little mixture, I used grape tomatoes and just sliced them half in two.

Also, chop up a fresh leek. I only used half of it for this salad. Gives it more of a zing of flavor.

Lastly, squeeze some lemon juice over your salad. If you need salt and pepper, use this spice to fit your taste buds. Yum. Serve on some greens, in a bowl or on a toasty piece of gluten free bread!


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