The Night Communion Balcony

The sun sets over the big clunky buildings in the distance. No longer having the U.S. Capitol view I had grown accustomed of, I look at the lush trees framing the interstate. I traded in a city view for more space, longer commute and a balcony. Not a bad trade and on days like today I am so thankful for the change.

Forty-five minutes of yoga and a dog walk under my belt, and I am finally serene. After calming down from a mind laden with work worries, I sip on some red wine (compliments of Trader Joe’s) and think about life – the living breathing life. I think on the heart pumping life that grabs you by the hand and seizes your very lungs and soul.

Here on this balcony, there is no one to answer to. I am lost in my thoughts, in this moment, in this communion with God. My mind goes to him – my friend, my invisible observer, and I am captivated. To onlookers, I look alone and content. But, I can feel his presence near me.

Never alone. That is the title to a Lady Antebellum song. Yet, it is the mantra of a Christian’s life. How hopeful and superbly wonderful! As I listen to the sounds of the night and the last mocking birds chirping song, this provides my chest with much needed rest.

I inhale deeply and exhale in relief. I don’t have to live up to this world’s standards of success. I can just be me and be confident that I was made in the image of the Holy One. High heeled success does not match up to the victory of wearing a crown fashioned by the majestic God. Living up to the crown of honor is my mission.

My heart is wedded to the man who, even before birth, has called me his beloved. He brings peace to the chaotic. He makes sense of the messy and he recycles the scent of my mistakes into something glorious and utterly edifying.

Like broken bottles of oil, I want the fragrance of my soul to delight his heart. I pray the passion in every strand of my hair glows with an aura of the living God. In the silence, these are the thoughts that come to my mind. Outside in the breeze of the summer night, after hard work, I reflect.

What if the world took just a few minutes each day to reflect in the silence? It is said, your heart and mind drift to those who you hold most dear – those that consume that pumping, coveted space in your chest. Let us take time daily to reflect on living, loving and praising. Let’s reflect on life and it’s insanely beautiful purpose – to love God and others.

Where do you think your mind will wonder this evening?


One thought on “The Night Communion Balcony

  1. Colleen Maggard says:

    Just beautiful. I stumbled upon your blog because I am following S. Bream on twitter. God bless you and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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