Salmon Cakes {Gluten Free, Paleo}

Want a great, fast savory dinner that is paleo and gluten free? And – I might add gives you Omega 3 vitamins as well! Well, make some time for salmon cakes tonight!

You’ll love this little ball of goodness. And, since we are going to use a gluten free flour – these are 100% gluten free. Yay! Little carbs – and so tasty.

paleo salmon

You will need: 1 can of wild salmon, 2 cage free eggs, 4 green onions, ¼ chopped yellow onion, 2 tbsp. gluten free mustard, 2 tbsp. coconut flour, salt and pepper to taste and coconut oil for the cooking pan!

Simply open your can of salmon. If you have never used canned salmon before – there are bones and skin inside. Do not be alarmed. I use my fingers to pick out the little bones (however, if you want to keep them in there – they are edible.) I just choose to pick them out.

Dump your salmon in a bowl and crack in your eggs. Chop your onions – both kinds – and add to your patty mixture. Add in the coconut flour and mustard.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper into your mixture. Add garlic powder or onion powder, if you think you need that in there as well. May taste good.

Form your meat mixture into little cakes (like below).

salmon cakes

And warm up your skillet – make sure you plop a dab of coconut oil in the pan. Place patties in the pan, once you see the coconut oil bubbling.

Let your salmon cakes cook on each side for about 3 minutes. Flip and cook on the other side.

These cakes are going to be a little bit messier than ones that have plain flower (because we are using gluten free ingredients). But, they will look and taste fantastic. Eat plain or on top of a mixed green salad!

salmon cakes 2

Forgot to take a photo of my cakes. But, the finished product will look something like this. Yum!



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