DIY New Years Eve Party Ideas

Welp, it’s a new year y’all. 2015 is here, can you believe it? I can’t. Seems like this year has flown by like the speed of light. Wasn’t I just making my last year’s resolutions?

At any rate, lots of people throw parties on NYE. However, with the holidays, it kind of sneaks up on you! Here are some cute, simple ideas to bring a little sparkle and shine to your party this year with minimal effort. These easy ideas take no time at all and look oh-so-stylish.

NYE Party Hats


Who does not like to dress up on NYE? Well, with these cute little party hats, everyone can look festive as they watch the ball drop in Times Square. Click here for instructions on how to make these party hats.

Fortune Cookie Champagne Glasses

fortune cookie

Need a little garnish on the tops of those pretty champagne glasses? Look no further than a simple fortune cookie. Not only does it look chic, your guests can read their fortunes for the new year at the stroke of midnight.

Glitter Champagne Bottles

glitter bottle

All you need is spray glue and glitter for this sparkly idea. Spray your bottles a day before the party and then set them out for everyone to enjoy the pretty exterior and bubbly interior. Click here for sparkle instructions.

Glitter Photo Booth


Everyone loves to take pictures. After all, this is the selfie generation. Well, how fun to have a cute, glitter backdrop to a DIY photo booth! Take pictures with your NYE date or best friends. This is so simple to put together. Just follow these instructions.


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