Eyes Opened to His Holiness


Today I was struck by a deep feeling of absurdity. I let so many things weigh me down in this world. I get frustrated that my pencil skirt it a bit tighter this week than last week. I fuss about my hair – it’s not lying right over my face. That alters my day. That coffee that I spilled all over the floor this morning – it overwhelms my heart, and I let that frustration boil over into my day…

There are so many little things that add up to make rocky mountains of stress. Then I hear words on the radio like this,

‘You’re the one who conquers giants. You’re the one who calls out kings. You shut the mouths of lions.You tell the dead to breathe. You’re the one who walks through fire. You take the orphan’s hand. You are the one Messiah. You are I am.’ – Mercy Me

And I feel ridiculous and somewhat petty. I am literally crying over spilled milk – while God is majestically moving in many hearts and minds. I am the one stuck in the bubble of absurdity with eyes focused on the small, minute things that do not matter in the whole scheme of life.

I need to open my eyes to his holiness – and fix my heart on the bigger picture, that will for sure change your prospective and pity party over the mundane snug pencil skirt.

Let us praise the miracle maker today – and really mediate on the fact that our God is wholly competent. Of course he cares about the things that overwhelm your heart; but, may we never forget that greater is he who is in us – that he who is in this world. May we focus on that fierce lion mouth pad locker. I truly get chills – because that is the God we worship and trust!


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