Follow the Leader

Life is a race. If you have ever participated in a 5k – you can understand this truth. Stationed at the starting line, the runners ready themselves – stretching, jogging in place – they warm up their bodies preparing themselves for the road ahead. They wait in anticipation for the horn or whistle to sound. This noise beckons a whole set of new emotions: feelings of fear, thoughts of uncertainty – but also a sense of perseverance and hope. You see, there is always a winner at the end of the trail. Hard work and preparation serve as conduits of success.

“Do you know in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize? Run in such as way as to get the prize.” {1 Corinthians 9:24}

God has planted our feet on an incredible journey – to his blessings and unmeasurable riches! He has clothed us with the finest running gear. He has placed sturdy shoes on our feet to run in such a way to receive an unmatchable prize – his kingdom. Races are painful. They are long and drawn-out. Our legs ache from the hard road and our faces swell with exhaustion sometimes. However, nothing can compare to the feeling of crossing the finish line – for we know we have not journeyed alone. We can celebrate the victory of the run with our faithful coach and trainer – God, our Father.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”{Philippians 3:14}

Bent and Crooked Instrument

God can write his purpose straight with a crooked pencil. God can take a bent and crooked instrument and use it powerfully. God’sgrace is more powerful than your scars. God’s grace can polish the roughest of diamonds. God’s grace calls the unworthy. God’s grace loves the unlovable. God’s grace uses the unusable. God’s grace can turn your scars into stars. –Michael Youssef

Paper Crown Princess

Every little girl likes to wear a crown. She feels special, unique and loved. For a moment in time – she can pretend she is a real princess. One that frolics in a fancy gown and lives in a castle…

I can remember birthday parties, sitting around the kitchen table, and a colorful paper crown adorning every little girl’s head of soft locks. We knew the crowns were paper. They were not costly – more like dollar store material. Yet, we felt exceptional wearing this piece that resembled royalty.

God has called us to trade in our paper crowns – for dresses made of pure silk. He wants us to forget the ordinary and seek the extraordinary. He is waiting to replace that dollar store crown with a crest of solid gold. He asks simply – give up the simple and hold out your hands for the beauty of my blessings!

Will you walk with me on this journey – seeking God’s pure treasure? Will you trade in your paper party crown for a dress made of silk?