Chunky Jewelry: Evening, Work & Weekend

I am such a fan of chunky jewelry. Of course, you really need to know how to wear it – so it’s not gaudy looking. Believe me, that can happen, and I think we have all been there before. Whoops – the power of trial and error.

But, you can really dress up an evening dress, plain work outfit and monochromatic weekend look with some pretty, chunky pieces. I like wearing a statement necklace with subdued earrings. Pearl or gold studs are my favorite choices.


An example of a smart purchase!

I put these looks together in this chart – as an example of an evening, work and weekend look where the chunky jewels are accomplished.

However, these picks are expensive – warning.

I think it is important to wear wedges at work – to save your pretty, little feet from pain down the road. And boots with a tiny heel are ideal for weekend fun. Yet, go out on a limb when you are partying after work. Wear those stilettos. Who knows, you may just meet Mr. Right in them? You want to accentuate your assets when going out on the town!

Sadly girls, we are not all millionaires and can’t afford these exact choices above! However, I also included a picture of a purchase of mine that cost me a whopping $25 dollars: sweater, necklace and earrings included. I am going to pair it with a black pencil skirt for a cute work outfit. Thank goodness for places like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Not going to break my bank for a pair of 1k earrings. No thank you. But, you can still look stylish and feel good about being thrifty.

Let me know what you think about these outfits! Do you like chunky jewelry too?

5 Purse Essentials for Every Working Woman

purseOne thing, among many, I like about being a woman is – you get to carry your purse around and pack it with goodies.

You can have a clunky key-chain. It doesn’t weigh you down; you just throw it in your purse. Fling that sweet designer bag over your shoulder and you are ready to save the world with the contents (well, kind of).

Below are 5 things I think are a must for every working woman’s purse. You may debate me; however, all of these things have come in handy for me from time-to-time.

Travel or Compact Makeup

Does your face get oily – or maybe you just work long hours? If so, having that little touch up you need it necessary! Invest in a makeup compact like this one. It is a lifesaver and will come in handy on long days or days that you need a little more cover-up.

Breath mints or Peppermints

Let’s face it; we don’t all have minty fresh breath especially after eating that tuna salad in the cafeteria for lunch. Yep, not everyone wants a whiff of your fish breath. It is nice to have these available to pop in your mouth after lunch or a cup of coffee.

Shout wipes or Tide ‘to-go’ pens

You will spill something on yourself at one time or another. So, you may think – gosh, I never use this shout wipe, then before a meeting that coffee cup leaks and you are left with a brown spot on your white shirt. You will be thankful you have this as a purse backup.

Granola Bar or Light Snack

Sometimes there is no food to be found. And, your stomach grumbles. You think you are going to die if you don’t ingest something soon. If you have a small granola bar or pack of nuts in your purse, then you can actually subdue those hunger pangs until dinner or you scavenge some food at work.


It’s like a napkin in a travel case and extremely helpful when sneezing and blowing your nose. Without fail, you will have a runny nose and will be stoked to remember you have some tissues in your purse.

4 Solutions for High Heel Pain

ImageFace it girls – high heels are not good for our feet. But, they look super cute. And, it’s really key in the high profile working world to sport some nice, sleek pumps.

After a long day, walking on concrete floors, my feet really take a beating. I cannot wait to throw off those shoes at home and frolic barefoot on my hardwoods.

The American Podiatric Medical Association showed some 42% of women admitted they’d wear a shoe they liked even if it gave them discomfort and a whopping 73% admitted already having a shoe-related foot issue. Yikes. This is gonna create some foot pain.

Let’s take precaution ladies and be proactive about our tootsies. I am going to let you in on a little secret before going into – what to do for foot pain relief.

SECRET: Choose a Thicker Heel — I know those stiletto heels call out to you when they are sitting up high on a shoe pedestal, but – honestly, they kill your feet. I am not saying steer clear, simply – vary your shoe choices. Throw in some thick heels – like these.

Now, what to do for some high heel foot pain relief:  

Wear Heels More Often

Sometimes a lot of pain is from not wearing heels regularly. Your feet are not conditioned to those itty bitty high heels – so they hurt big time at the end of the day. If you decide you want to be a high heel diva, wear heels 5 days a week to work. Then give your feet a rest on the weekends. This will get them conditioned.

Soak Your Feet in Bubbles

Taking a bath will become your friend. Fill up the tub with warm water after work and soak your body from head to toe. It can be just for 20 minutes. It will relieve stress, as well as, foot pain. Invest in some pretty, aromatherapy bath salts. This is a pain relief you will welcome.

Pamper Your Tootsies 

Get pedicures. Just do it. I mean its $22 dollars that is well worth it. Let someone paint your nails and massage your weary feet. You work all day – and this should be something you do as a treat for yourself. Sit in that vibrating chair and forget the world for 30 minutes.

Buy a TheraPro Foot Roller

These are those little wooden rolls you see at Bed, Bath and Beyond! These have become my friends. They are about $5 and all you have to do is set your foot on top of it – and roll away. Roll on the sole of the foot to increase your circulation, relieve tension, relax foot muscles & revitalize the body.

Yoga Stretches For The Desk Worker

desk jobI sit at a desk for a majority of the day. Eyes glued to the computer, the typical U.S. adult is sedentary for 60 percent of their waking hours and sits for an average of six hours per day. What? This can’t be good.

Sitting too much can be perilous for your health. It increases the chances for heart disease, decreases enzymes that burn fat and, in the end, can lead to a shorter life.

But, no worries, you can change these factors – you can turn back the clock. Just focus on your health and try not to sit too long in the day.

Tips: Take a 15 minute walk during the work day, stand at your desk for a portion of the day, stand during meetings, walk to lunch and do some hip opening stretches.

I would do these stretches in addition to some of the tips above.  I have found these particular yoga stretches very effective. They are hip openers that stretch out my body and relieve the tension built up during the day.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose


This is a great stretch to alleviate back pain during the work day. Read here on how to get into the proper pose. This move stretches the groins, hamstrings and hips. It calms the mind and decompresses the spine. It is said to relieve fatigue, mild depression and anxiety.

Double Pigeon Pose


This is an intense hip opener. It will relieve tension, anxiety and stress. Hold this pose for 5 long breaths. Click here to see how to get into the pose properly.

Pigeon Pose


This is my absolute favorite yoga pose. No matter how tight my hips feel – this is sure to stretch them out. Make sure you align your body properly. This will help relieve low back pain and stiffness.  I have also found that done regularly with the right breathing technique this will shrink your hips.

3 Steps To Sleep Easy At Night

ImageSometimes it is hard for me to completely shut off my brain when it’s bedtime. I look at the clock and its 11pm. My gut tells me it’s time for a little shut eye – especially for the busy work day tomorrow. But, my brain keeps on thinking and processing the day and week ahead.

Studies find that 40 percent of Americans are severely deprived of sleep! Yikes – that is a lot of sleepy people. Sleeping more not only is healthy for you, it also aids in your mood throughout the day! Here a few things that help me ‘hit the hay’ at night.

1. Steer Clear of Electronics Before Bedtime  

It is important to disconnect the day – and ignore electronics at least an hour before bedtime. Not only is this a healthy move for you (glaring screens directly influence the body’s circadian rhythm – the intrinsic 24 hour clock you naturally function on) – it’s also a very symbolic move. Shut off the day. You can play that mindless game or check your late night e-mails in the morning. Journal instead – write down some thoughts. Or pick up a book – read a chapter a night.

2. Spray Your Pillow With Lavender

A Wall Street Journal Report notes, “Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family. Its aroma has been shown in human studies ‘to slow down heart rate, slow blood pressure and put you in a parasympathetic state, which is a relaxed state.’”  So invest in some lavender products. I like the sprays from Bath and Body Works – just lightly splash your pillow with this rich fragrance. It will help your stress levels and help you sleep well.

3. Wear an Eye Mask

You may think it looks stupid, but an eye mask is a must for me at night. The city lights outside the windows always seem to peep in – and hinder my sleep. When your brain senses pure darkness, it causes the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep. Just try it. I promise you will sleep sounder. You can even glam up your night’s sleep with some cute eye mask patterns!

5 Cute Animals That Will Enhance Your Work – and Relieve Stress

Sometimes just looking at cute animals can cut stress. Don’t believe me? Tell you what, if after looking at these cute fuzzy ones – you don’t feel more relaxed – comment and tell me what’s up!  Complain. I can take it. However, I think these happy little cuties will turn your cloudy day into sky of sunlight. And maybe they can teach you a few pointers for work too!

1.  Tune Out Your Annoying Audience

Listen, if you sit in a cubicle for work, you will have people who want to talk your ear off. If you have this type of co-workers around you all day – it can do a number on your stress level. Put on some headphones to drain out the noise. Listen to classical music or jam out to some hit pop songs. It just might enhance your creativity. This cute little golden retriever has the right idea.

headphone dog

2.  Dress For Success

If you dress better, you will feel better. You don’t have to wear Ann Taylor or Calvin Klein – but seriously, don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. You won’t respect yourself neither will your co-workers or superiors. This little dog has the right idea – dress nicely. Look put together. You will gain more respect that way and feel better too.

bowtie dog

3. Stop And Smell the Roses

Never get too boggled down with work – that you forget to stop and smell the roses. When the pressure is mounting or a deadline is setting in, take a walk – smell some flowers. This will clear your head and dissipate all that stress that builds day upon day. This kitty is doing just that – smelling the sweet flowers of life [because there is more to life than just work].

cat flowers

4. Take a Vacation

You do not have to work all the time to get ahead. Take a vacation. Put your feet in the sand from time to time. The office will not burn down without you [they can manage for 5 days]. Even if you think you can’t get away for a whole week (gasp!) take a long weekend. Go to a winery with your loved ones. Breaks are actually beneficial to your productivity.

vaca dog

5. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

No one, and I repeat, no one likes a self-righteous person. Learn to laugh at yourself and listen to other people’s ideas. Remember, it takes a entire team to run an office or organization – and that means tons of ideas not just one. Be goofy sometimes – life is not meant to be just serious.

goofy dog