Sunflower Seed Chicken Salad {Gluten Free}

This chicken salad is refreshing and seriously great. It is so easy to make – like really easy. And will last all week in the fridge (so you can have it for lunch many days!) I like to make my lunches before the work week starts. That way, I can just grab it and go in the morning. This little salad is perfect to take to the office for a quick healthy lunch. You may even have all the ingredients at home already (I did!).

arugala salad

You will need: 1 can of chicken (or you can use 2 whole chicken breasts – cooked and chopped), 3 large celery stalks, ¼ yellow onion, salt and pepper, 1 tsp. garlic powder, ¼ cup raw sunflower seeds, 3 tbsp. mayonnaise and arugula leaves.

First off, dice your celery and yellow onions. You can use a food processor for this; but, I like a little larger chunks in my salad – so just use a regular kitchen knife and cut them up in small pieces. Place in a mixing bowl.


Dump in your canned or chopped chicken. And mix it into the veggie mix of onions and celery.

Next add in your mayo (if you are vegan – you can use Vegenaise®). Stir up your mixture, making sure the chicken is coated. Add in your spices – garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. You may even want to add in a little onion powder too. If you like it really flavorful.

Lastly, add in the sunflower seeds. I find that adding some kind of nut or seeds adds that earthy crunch you crave. And sunflower seeds remind me of the fall (which, I am so ready for!)

Stir and set on a bed of arugula. This lettuce, also known as, salad rocket is super good for you. Read more about it here. Rather than a peppery taste – the leaves are somewhat sweet. However, you can always use a different type of lettuce.

I like to sprinkle some vinaigrette on top of the salad for additional flavor. Paul Newman’s lite Italian is wonderful. Enjoy.


Avocado-Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad {Gluten Free, Low Carb}

chicken avocado saladLooking for a summer dish, well – look no further. This little summer salad will be perfect for outdoor grilling, potluck dinners or just a simple dinner at home.

This salad was easy as pie to make, and it really tastes like you brought it pre made at the store. It is sure to be a show stopper. This dish is gluten free and low carb! Yeah – so you don’t have to feel so guilty eating this creamy little dinner.

You will need: 1 rotisserie chicken (you can use regular chicken breasts, sliced too), ¼ a bundle of cilantro, ¼ cup shallots, 2 tbsp. light mayo, 1 lime, 2 avocados, sprinkle of garlic powder and sea salt.

In a bowl, add in your shredded chicken. You can buy a whole chicken at Costco for $5. I think rotisserie chicken shreds a whole like easier than just plain chicken breasts. But, nevertheless, you can still bake some seasoned chicken breasts and use them instead. It’s really up to you.

Next, dice up your cilantro and shallots. Just make them into little fine pieces and dump them on top of the chicken in the bowl. Mix them in with the chicken. It’s better to mix each ingredient in – before you get too many in the bowl. cilantro lime

In a separate little bowl, spoon in 2 tbsp. of mayo and squeeze your lime juice into the mayo mixture. I cut my lime in 4 parts – and squeezed each part separately into the bowl. Feel like I got more juice out that way. Just dump this little dressing on top of your chicken salad.

Lastly, cut up your avocados into little cube pieces and add to the bowl. Gently mix in all the ingredients. You don’t want to mash up the avocados too much.

Sprinkle in a little garlic powder and sea salt – and serve or cover and take to your outdoor party.