Splashing in Pools with Gravel Bottoms


How vain to think this swirling world is destiny. How shallow to dress in wrinkled velvet made by men and twirl in a crown fashioned from the dust. We place trust in riches buried inside mountains wide and deep; yet, scorn the heavens and doubt the sun that lights the sky.

We hope in freckled flesh and splash in pools with gravel bottoms. All while the ocean is moaning in the distance and calling for precious feet to touch the saline water caps. The supreme wind is echoing, “Come.” (Matthew 14:29)

Eternity – we miss it when our eyes are seeking cracked plastic toys. Why do we reach for the broken and discarded treasures buried in the soil cemetery of the backyard –when new life is extended in love marred hands?

We must cling on to the new birth and hold the sapling ready to bloom in the breeze. This ripe green plant awakens our senses and weaves into the crevices of our parched and parceled souls. It’s a gift, and we’ll miss it if we continue to be captivated by light bulb clad beauty – dangling on city streets.  Those light bulbs pop, char and fizzle out.  They will never endlessly illuminate.

Forever. Don’t you feel the arms of forever hovering over your life? We must be still and listen in the night.  In the quiet – you will hear him. He will sing with gentle tones and wrap you in the dust of the brilliant shooting stars.

He whispers, ‘I loved you at your darkest (Romans 5:8). I have chosen you and have not turned away from you. Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will give you strength, and for sure I will help you. Yes, I will hold you up with My right hand that is right and good.’ (Isaiah 41: 9,10)

Won’t you blanket our sleeping bodies with your ironclad armor polished by the celestial! May my spirit take flight in the scent of your goodness. Pervade my body, Most High. I kneel before you,  and in doing so – find myself on the marble floors of your throne room.