DIY: String Cheese Snowman


Perfect for lunches, school parties – or even an office Christmas event.

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is scan Pinterest for new, cute and fun ideas. It’s really a creative outlet – looking at the thousands of artistic and quirky designs.

Not to mention, delicious new recipes. However, sometimes, I am doubtful that my designs will be just as cute as the originators.

You see the Pinterest fail pictures —> {click here to see what I am talking about} and you get discouraged. But friends, I am here to tell you that sometimes they work out better than you expect.

I made a cute string cheese snowman because it looked easy – and it was so easy. All you need is: 1 string cheese, black sharpie, little piece of ribbon, piece of paper, tape and a red/orange sharpie.

Be creative. Your snowman might not look exactly like mine, but you won’t fail on this one.

Simply draw cute little buttons and a face with the black sharpie. And a little carrot nose with the red/orange sharpie. Just like a bow on a present, I tied the ribbon around his neck. I simply colored a post-it note black and cut out the shape of a hat; then, just taped it above his little face.

Kids will love these in their lunch bags. If you are headed to an office party, and you know there will be endless treats there, take some string cheese snowmen in a bowl/basket. You can watch your weight and skip the tempting sugar rush. People will love your inventiveness.