Let raw, unfiltered beauty overwhelm

ImageOur society is obsessed with covering up the natural. We sell make up to hide blemishes. We sell creams to conceal wrinkles. Every grocery store has an entire aisle dedicated to beauty products. Finger nail polish, eye shadow, bronzers and mascara – all of these products are made to “enhance” the natural.

However, with God, he does not want to see the stuff that we use to cover up our “everyday” appearance. He looks at us with loving eyes. He sees through the cover-up products to the freckles on our face!  And, the wonderful thing is – he thinks we are the prettiest in this state.

God did not make us to obscure our originality. He is actually celebrated more in our uniqueness because his power and wonder can be magnified! Let’s look in the mirror and celebrate who God formed us to be – a precious gem, gorgeous and utterly original!


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