A Marvelous Reflection – The Image of Yourself in Me

ImageThis song – ‘True Story’ by Ginny Owens has been playing in my car nonstop. I listen to it driving into work in the morning and can’t seem to change the CD or the track for that matter!

The beautiful words have brought me to tears too many times to count– through her voice I hear clarity, truth, longing and trust. I also see a vivid picture of me, a girl saved by grace, singing this to the Lord, with hands lifted up empty.

The chorus states, “You see my imperfections, still you say I’m a masterpiece. A marvelous reflection, the image of Yourself in me. You paint with strokes of grace – undoing my disguise. You say beauty lies in the true story.”

It literally takes my breath away to think of Jesus calling me a masterpiece.

Of course, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder:’ but, how delightful that my beholder is also my creator! He shouts – not whispers – over me and you words of joy! We are his beautiful reflection.

This truth gives me chills. Like Abraham must have danced in jubilation over Isaac’s birth, the promised one, Jesus dances over our reflection of his face.

I want to look in the mirror and truly see Christ’s beauty shining forth.

Lord, make me into a pillar of fiery ambition and radiance. May others looks at me and see you. Beauty lies within your face – and the radiant story of your tremendous grace.

Listen to the song, ‘True Story’ here.


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