My Poetry Journal: Walking on Glass


Lead me, O Lord, in Your righteousness because of my enemies; make Your way level (straight and right) before my face. – Psalm 5: 8

Walking on glass, I glide and cringe. 

Sweet Jesus,you’ve told me – the fire will singe.

It’s singed me, but has not consumed me completely.

Standing on the Rock that is higher than I, I sing sweetly.

What love the Father gives me. What grandeur and goodwill!

His mercy trickles down my back – this feeling stops me, still.

When I am weak, my God supplies all to my being.

He shows me the things my eyes aren’t seeing.

Infinite mysteries surround me day to day.

My Savior guides me – he leads me all the way.

My soul is open dear Lord. You have blessed me indeed.

Your child is humbled – I’ll let you take the lead.

Stooped over,my head is bowed in reverence,

The hem of my dress touches the ground. God – to you I give severance.

You will always be my lover – my glorious devotion.

Just the flicker in your eyes evokes a deep emotion.

I will dance in the ballroom of your will.

I will sit in the protection of your window ceil.

I’ll let grace and honor bathe me in their sweet perfume.

I’ll remain planted in the soil, until your voice calls me to bloom.

Your light provides me power. I grow in strength and might.

Run through me sweet Jesus – for you invite delight.

You invite delight in my body fully. I’m complete in you.

Your endless passion gives me something to pursue.

Like an elegant lady, draped in linen and lace,

It is your promises always, I desire to embrace.

-Kimberly Willingham


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