VIDEO: I AM, Holding on to You

d155287142027df08176ca382e84a111There is nothing like being at the feet of Jesus. You feel humble, broken, grateful, lifted high and complete. So many emotions – redemption, hope, acceptance, joy – I could continue on and on.

I wonder to myself – why do I not take time to do this more often? To be still, meditate and worship the man who died for me – for my ugly sins. I am a broken vessel – He made me whole.

It takes dedication to enter into the throne room of Christ. It takes release – to truly let go of your fear, to live in the moment, to throw away regret and shame and just breathe in the presence of the Living Lord.

I did that today, and it was grand.

There I sat, in my apartment sauna – in tears. Not because I was sad; but, because I was experiencing the presence of my Christ. I envisioned his face. I pictured his love – and it made me weep tears of joy.

I worshipped, lifted my voice and sang to the heavens:

There’s no space that His love can’t reach. There’s no place that we can’t find peace. There’s no end to Amazing Grace. Take me in with your arms spread wide. Take me in like an orphan child. Never let go, never leave my side. I am, Holding on to You. I am, Holding on to You. In the middle of the storm, I am Holding on, I am! – David Crowder

There is nothing like shedding tears out of love. They are watery conduits of thankful expressions. They are waterfalls of gratitude for unending grace and mercy.

What love is this that the Father has lavished upon us! There in that steam room alone, I felt honored to be in his presence. I felt blessed to sing from my gut – not worrying about if others in the gym could hear me. What a moment that was with my King!

Take time Dear One – to sit alone and worship God. You will enter his illuminate presence when you let go of all that burdens you. Your God will take your load – so you can fall on your face in the glorious presence of Jesus Christ. He’s holding on to you. Reach out for Him.

Listen to this song – and really envision the lyrics. Enter into God’s throne room of grace, Dear Child of God:


One thought on “VIDEO: I AM, Holding on to You

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