Chia Banana Pudding {Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

banana chia puddingHoly cow, this is easy to make! It’s seriously a 3 ingredient process and super, super yummy.

Move over banana pudding with loads of milk and fat. This is the skinny girl version.

Take this to parties. It’s that good, and I am being honest with you. Or just enjoy this at home as a guilt free dessert. I had it as a little breakfast treat. Yum.

You will need: ¼ cup almond milk (you can also use coconut), 2 tbsp. chia seeds, 1 ripe banana.

Yep. That’s all folks.

Place the milk, seeds and banana in a food processor and blend it up. After this process is complete, pour the yumminess into a bowl and set in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

This allows the chia seeds to expand (so they won’t be crunchy). And also for the milk and banana to gel.

Try this – and have fun with it. This will be your favorite dessert, if you love banana pudding like me. And – score its gluten free! Awesome.


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