The Call Of The Trail

BESTThe trail is paved. Though rocky and uneven, it is surprisingly inviting. The winding road beckons you to trot with faith in the clearing up ahead. Mounted on a vehicle of strength, a steady steed, you ride into the distance with sheer anticipation of the events up ahead.

Will you encounter deep darkness or tremble in shivering fear? Or will you garner strength and hold out the sword of the perfect spirit? You will never know unless you gallop forward.

And gallop forward you must. For God does not call us to be complacent. He has called us to be warriors of his passionate truth. Surrounded by thick vines and branches, you see the clearing – and the uncertainty up ahead is great.

However, you know that your feet are equipped with the buckles of his salvation and you are lined with his armor that is impenetrable.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plan. – Proverbs 16:3

You may fear the enemies in the distance; but, God has already defeated them for you. They are nothing but empty threats lined with hollow souls; so – do not fear!

The LORD has gone ahead of you and displayed his power of utmost greatness. He has established your plan – and that is one of striking triumph!

Ride on, dear seeker. Leave the comfort of the nest and branch out. Search out the beauty that the trail ride can offer your life. For it is when we leave the comfort of the familiar, that we are richly blessed.

I could never resist the call of the trail. – Buffalo Bill

Trust in the provision of the Most High. Answer the call of the trail before your glistening eyes. Take chances that reflect his Almighty Nature. Shine with his great light and be not afraid of the scoffers that try to knock you down.

Suit up. Grip your saber and ride forward – into the great unknown. Breathe in the bounty that Christ offers and brush off the vines that attempt to hinder your path. Look to the light – and rest in the mercies of your Maker’s promises.


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