Winter Running Gear 101


Invest in a head scarf to keep your ears warm!

The seasons are changing. Being a Texas girl, this lady has never had to bundle up for a little run. However, living on the east coast is a totally different story. You have to prepare for that 30 minute jog – especially in the fall and freezing months past December.

I never knew what a hat was for – or a head scarf for that matter. It is not just for looks or fashion, ladies. It is to protect your sweet little ear drums from getting frostbite (maybe not that severe – but you don’t want an earache.)

I put a little polyvore picture together of essentials for that wintery run. Bundle up – you don’t want to be sick.

And after that run – guzzle down some hot apple cider or cinnamon tea. Don’t put those runs on hold just because of the freezing elements. Go out in the elements, but plan ahead with proper clothing choices! Run, ladies, run!

One tip (well, a couple actually) – invest in some good running pants. These Nike ones below are great. They are a little pricey; however, they will last forever. Promise. Well, I have had mine for about 3 years (that is pretty good!) And – ankle socks are great for the summer, but in the winter, dress your feet with some serious wool socks.


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