Perfect Gluten Free Croutons

ImageHey gluten free ladies and gents! Do you ever have a craving for croutons in your salad? I love chopping up romaine lettuce on the weekend and just creating a huge everything salad.

The sky is really the limit on the ingredients. It’s whatever I am feeling for the night. Maybe some fresh sliced avocado pieces? Or some hard boiled eggs – some sprigs of broccoli!

Sprinkle on some chia seeds for that healthy flair. And – yum, the salad is wonderful. A bowl of freshness and loaded with vitamins in those veggies.

However, one thing I miss is that garlic crunch. Sometimes I am perfectly fine without it. I think it’s healthier for me just to skip them – and it is. But, sometimes you just want to splurge a little and eat some of those savory croutons. Live on the edge!

Yet – lots of gluten free ladies are in a rut here. You may be driving all over town just to find special gluten free croutons. And no one has time for that. But, wait – you can make croutons with gluten free bread (and they are better than the store bought kind). Promise you that!


Ready for a salad!

You will need: 4 slices of gluten free bread (I used Udi’s), 2 tbsp. of gluten free chicken broth, 2 tbsp. garlic powder, 2 heaping caps of olive oil, a pinch of pepper.

Cut the bread in little pieces. You can make little or big croutons depending on the mood you are in. I made mine in a semi medium square.

After cutting your squares, pour them in a mixing bowl. (Gluten free bread is going to be a little more crumbly – so be prepared for that).

Add in the olive oil, garlic powder, chicken broth and pepper – churn up the ingredients in the bowl.  You want to make sure all the little bread crumbs are seasoned.

For this, I used the broiler on the oven. Set it on high – and lined a cookie sheet with the delicious croutons.

If you use the broiler, hang out in the kitchen because the bread will toast fast. And you don’t want burnt croutons. Now – after toasty, add to any salad and enjoy your perfectly seasoned gluten free croutons!


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