4 Young, Fresh Tips on Wearing Red Lipstick

REDI have always shied away from wearing red lips. There was always this fear that the color would bleed on my teeth at parties or at work.

I hated scrubbing that wine glass rim or walking around with a coffee cup and remnants of my lipstick gracing the edge of the cup.

But, you know, there is something freeing about wearing red lips. I thought only fashion models and high profile people could pull it off, but I may have thought wrong. It is simply fun and refreshing to wear red lips to a party – or even to work. Every woman can do it. It does not matter if you are model height, shape or form or not.

There are some guidelines, but it definitely can be done. You will feel more feminine, powerful and classy making this change in your beauty regimen.

You don’t have to wear red lips every day (that might be a little overkill) but once a week may be refreshingly fun. Mix it up. People will notice and like the change – guaranteed.

Toss Red Lip Liners

Lip liners are unnecessary. I feel like this is an extra step that is not needed. All this will add to is your frustration. You don’t want a line around your lips when the red lipstick decides to fade. So, just don’t buy lip liner. Save money – and look young and fresh without a liner.

Make Sure You Pick a True Red Color 

If you have fair skin like me, this tip is really necessary. Choose a true candy-apple red. Look for shades that have blue undertones (rather than yellow). Experts say this brings out the warmth in your skin tone. Here is a top list of red lip colors compiled by Elle Magazine, click here.

Make Your Lips The Focal Point

If you decide to wear red lips – don’t overdo your eye makeup. Red Lips were meant to be the focal point of an outfit. What I like to do is dress in all black (a nice black dress). It looks better to dress in one color. Your lips will pop more that way. No need to play up your eyes, your luscious lips will draw attention.

Pair Your Red Lips With a Red Accessory

If you must throw in color to the outfit – paint your nails red, wear red heels or carry a red clutch. This little accessory adage will enhance the effect of the look you are trying to create. This will for sure look like a fresh youthful look.

Now, powerful women, go out and wear red!


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